How should I finish my Outdoor Vinyl Banner?

We offer a wide range of finishing methods for your Outdoor Vinyl Banner including Ropes & Eyelets, Hemmed Edges & Eyelets, Rod Pockets, Velcro Around Perimeter and Keder Edging.

Clear Eyelets Banners up to 2100mm in height which include eyelets will have the new clear eyelets installed. These clear eyelets are a huge improvement over the old metal eyelets. They are just as strong as the old metal eyelets but allow you to see through the eyelet to your graphic - whereas the old metal eyelets would block the graphic and be a very noticeable obstruction. Easy Signs has installed the latest technology machinery in April 2016 to allow us to provide the best looking banners to the Australian market.

Ropes & Eyelets Finishing your banner with Ropes & Eyelets is perfect for when you need to hang your banner up between poles or to a tree. We hem quailty 6mm rope into the banner so the edge of the banner is re-enforced, we then leave 1m of rope extending out of each corner of the banner. We install clear eyelets into the corners of the banner and along the edges at a maximum distance of 1m apart. Our eyelets have a 25mm external diameter and a 12mm internal diameter.

Hemmed Edges & Eyelets If you do not require rope we can simply finish your banner with Hemmed Edges & Eyelets. This is the most popular option for people attaching banners to fences as you simply use cable ties (zip ties) through the eyelets. This is the same as the above option, we simply don’t put the rope in while hemming.

Rod Pockets Rod Pockets are perfect for creating a banner to use in a march/parade or as a hanging advertisement for your business. We produce 75mm Layflat rod pockets that fit poles up to 45mm in Diameter. The pockets can be put on two opposite sides and the other sides are hemmed for strength.

Hemmed Edges & Velcro We can also finish your banner with Velcro around the perimeter. This finishing method is commonly used for trade shows. If you have a fabric (loop) wall that you can attach hook velcro to you will only need to order with the banner with hook velcro. You can also select to have both the hook and loop velcro supplied, the hook side will be attached to the banner and the loop side can be stuck onto a wall as it comes with a strong adhesive on the back. The velcro we supply on our banners is 25mm wide and we apply 100mm long strips every 300mm around the perimetre of your banner.

Keder Edging Keder Edging is a great option to produce a large format sign without any joins or splits in panels. Keder is a round plastic tubing that is welded to the edges of the banner. This is a very popular sign for warehouses and industrial buildings as you install aluminium sail track (not supplied with the banner) onto your wall and the banner slides into the track. It allows you to pull the banner very tight so that it looks very flat and almost like a metal sign on the wall. If you are still unsure of the best finishing method for your appplication, please contact our sales team on 1300 972 077. Click here to get an instant price on your outdoor vinyl banner.