Want to be part of a fast growing business that is redefining the wide format printing industry in Australia?

We need the best of the best to join us and help us continue our growth.

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Reasons Why You'll Love Easy Signs

We are not your old school sign company

We are focused on becoming one of the largest sign companies in Australia, and we are using technology and automation to get there.

We are more like an e-commerce startup with a high-tech manufacturing facility out the back. We have an amazing young team with a passion to grow and develop the business as we focus on taking the industry by storm with our unique approach.

We are a business that challenges the norm and leads not just our, but many industries, in shaping the business world.

We are progressive

We have a focus on using leading edge technologies in both software development and manufacturing hardware. To be the best we need to align with the best, so our factory is full of world renown printing, cutting and finishing equipment.

Working at Easy Signs means you will be part of a dynamic and ever changing work environment!

Amazing support from all teams

Our production teams goal is to meet all the commitments made by sales and to exceed the customer’s expectations. We work as a team to complete all the required work before the set deadlines and at the best quality.

Our customer happiness teams goal is to set the standard with customers from the beginning and ensure expectations are set and achievable so the rest of the teams in the business can impress. Check out our Trustpilot reviews to see how happy we make our customers!

Make a difference by solving problems

We are industry leaders. To remain ahead of the industry are constantly looking at ways to innovate. Our people are the difference. Our team members all contribute to problem identification, solution-finding and thinking critically about the information they work with.

If you want to work somewhere that you can put your intelligence and creativity to use, and be given the respect and trust to do your job to the best of your ability, this is the workplace for you!

Current vacancies

Wide Format Print Machine Operator & Signage Finisher
Smeaton Grange, NSW

Wide Format Print Machine Operator & Signage Finisher

Easy Signs is an internet based, new age signage manufacturing company with a strong focus on technology. As most manufacturing in Australia is declining, Easy Signs is bucking the trend and in 2017 was awarded the fastest growing manufacturing company in the country by Australian Financial Review, while also listed as the Most Innovative Company in the country at the Smart50 Awards.

And the good news, we are looking for the right person to join our Production team!!!

Our production team operates 24 hours Monday to Friday. This is a casual role with a fixed start time each day. It is a minimum guaranteed 30 hours per week. Keep reading for further details.

This is an ideal job for the right person looking for a well paying casual job with set shifts! We are a bit different in the way we hire, we look for intelligence over experience, we offer full training on our equipment and processes, you just need to bring good work ethic and a willingness to learn!

Okay so that’s enough detail, let’s see if you are a good fit.

Are you the type of person that:

  1. Often feels like you have more common sense than the average Joe?
  2. Can’t understand why people around you make so many simple mistakes when you don’t seem to have that problem?
  3. Enjoy focusing on your work.
  4. Wants to work for a company that appreciates your efficiency?
  5. Enjoys flying through simple tasks as much as complex thought provoking ones?
  6. Gets excited about setting personal goals to try and push your efficiency even further week to week.

Ticking the boxes? Well let’s get into a bit more detail about the role. In any given day you’ll:

  1. Operate state of the art wide format printing equipment producing high quality signage, Fast! You will be using one of our state of the art Large Format Printers that support each Finishing team.
  2. Operate state of the art cutting equipment from our lightning fast Zund digital flatbed cutting table through to automatic eyelet presses, a banner welder and a CNC router.
  3. Pack finished jobs for customers (with care, like you would want to receive something), while carefully checking that all elements of the job complete and keeping a keen eye on quality.
  4. Clean! We don’t run a dirty workspace, we run a high-tech manufacturing facility that we like to keep spotless. If you aren’t ready to pick up a broom or a vacuum, you aren’t ready for the Easy Signs experience.

Still sounding like a good fit? Here’s a little bit about the rest of the company:

  1. We are growing. As such we always have things going on, new processes rolling out as well as new equipment and products.
  2. You will be supported by our industry leading Customer Happiness Team (these guys answer customer enquiries within an average of 1 hour!), as well as our amazing pre-press / design team. If you have problems with files or processes there are great people here ready to help.
  3. In an industry that generally produces products in 5 days, we are paving the way forward with most of our products produced in only 24 hours!
  4. We keep a constant supply of beverages up for our production team and have monthly team lunches.

Okay we are getting to the end, this is what we need from you:

  1. An above average level of intelligence.
  2. Computer skills, nearly everything we do here involves a computer, the better you are with them the faster you will pick things up.
  3. A love of organisation. When you see a bunch of tasks to do you put them in an order and work through them in an efficient and logical manner! Not to mention you get a buzz when they are all complete!
  4. Pride in producing high quality work, we make thousands of signs but our customers individually judge us on the 1 they receive!
  5. A good work ethic! You need to be self motivated to push through the work as fast as you can and clean your work area without being asked, or you simply won’t work out.

The final bits and pieces you need to know:

  1. We operate across 3 shift which start between Morning 6:00am, Afternoon 2:00pm and Night 10:30pm. Each shift is guaranteed to be at least 6 hours of work but is usually up to 8 hours long depending on the work load. (shifts currently average 6-8 hours). We are currently hiring for people on all shifts.
  2. Standard hourly rate prior to 6pm, 10% loading after 6pm and 30% loading after 12:30am to 5am. (Additional Penalty rates paid for overtime)
  3. Training provided and immediate start available.

Still reading? Awesome, here is how to apply!

  1. Write a cover letter that demonstrates you have read this job description and list the attributes that would make you a suitable candidate for the position. Without this you will not be considered.
  2. Apply through seek, we manage our applications through here. If you email or call us the application won’t be passed to the correct person.

* Agencies do not contact us about this position.