What Print & Lamination option should I select for my Metal Sign?

We have a couple of methods available for producing your Metal (Aluminum Composite Panel) Signs to suit your application and budget and desired look.

UV Print & No Lamination (Lifespan 2 - 3 years until noticable fading begins)

Our state of the art flatbed digital printers allow us to print directly to metal panels up to 2400 x 1200mm in size. Full colour CMYK printing is applied directly to the white panel and is cured with UV lamps. This is our most economical form of printing as it removes the need for vinyl material. While the printing resolution is very good, it is not photographic quality holding it at arm’s length, however at 3 metres distance it looks amazing. We suggest this method of printing for signs that are going to be viewed from a distance and are also not going to be brushed up against or touched often as there is no over-laminate protecting the print. The life span of the inks on signs outdoors with this method of printing is generally up to 3 years. The reason inks fade is due to the UV light attacking the ink pigments, so the life of the inks all depends on how much sun the sign gets.

Avery Vinyl with Lamination (Your choice of : Gloss, Matte or Anti-Graffiti) (Lifespan : 4 - 5 Years until noticable fading begins)

This is our premium method of producing metal signs and is by far the most popular option. Using our wide format Roland printers with quality Japanese Roland Inks, we are able to print at extremely high quality onto Avery Adhesive Vinyl. The graphics are printed and then left for 24 hours to dry. We then process the material through our wide format laminator to apply an Avery overlaminate of your choice, depending on the look you are after you can select gloss or matte. If you are in an area where you think your sign may be vandalised there is an option of an anti-graffiti laminate (this is only available in gloss), This is a polyester material rather than a vinyl and is designed to stop the absorption of paint so it can be easily cleaned. It is also a tougher material than vinyl which allows you to scrub the graffiti off. All of these laminate options are clear adhesive films that are applied over the printed vinyl. This forms a protective layer over the printed vinyl, so it minimises any potential damage to the print from bumping against it or cleaning it.

Once the print is laminated it is ready for application to your sign panel. Most small sign shops apply the graphics by hand, which can result in stretching and bubbles. Due to our volume we have been able to invest in a huge flatbed application machine that applies the vinyl perfectly to give you the best result every time. The vinyl is applied with a 10mm bleed around the outside which is then trimmed off and your sign is ready to go.

The lifespan of your sign using this printing & lamination method is approximately 4 - 5 years. The ink manufactureres state a life outdoors of up to 3 years, and the Avery Over-Laminate adds up to another 2 years.

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