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    1. Understanding your Acrylic Panel Printing Options

      Understanding your Acrylic Panel Printing Options

      Selecting the material colour of your Acrylic Panel Sign

      We offer three different colour options for your Acrylic Sign:

      1. White
      2. Black
      3. Clear

      Why choose White or Black Acrylic?

      The main reason is so the edges and back of your sign are this colour. If your artwork on the sign is black then it makes sense to select a black panel, if its primarily white then a white panel is usually most suitable. Of course for a contrasting effect you can have a white print with a black panel, it all comes down to the look you are trying to achieve.

      For all black and white acrylic signs the graphics are printed and laminated then applied to the front of the panel. 

      Why choose Clear Acrylic?

      Selecting clear acrylic can add a whole new dimension to the look of your signage. When selecting clear acrylic you open up the option for the printing. Option 1 is to have the print applied to the front of the panel which will then leave you with clear edges, just like the above options. 

      Option 2 is much more interesting. We are able to print the graphics and apply them to the back of the panel so that you look through the clear acrylic to see your image. This adds depth to the sign and gives it an amazing glossy finish. To produce the sign this way we print onto clear vinyl instead of white. The mirror image of your graphic is printed, it is then laminated with a white vinyl and then applied to the panel. The result is your image is seen the correct way looking through the clear acrylic and the back of the sign is white.

      What sizes are available?

      We use sheets that come in the size of 2440mm x 1220mm, so you can order your signs up to that size in one piece. We can also cut the panels down to any size as small as 100mm x 100mm. You can work out pricing on our instant pricing calculator for any size you require, you do not pay any extra for your custom size, pricing is based on the overall size of the sign. Our pricing is actually based on the overall square meters of signage you order, so the more you order the cheaper the square metre rate will be.

      Get an instant quote for your sign

      Click here to visit our acrylic panel sign page and use our instant pricing calculator to work out a price for your signs, you can work out bulk quantity and custom size pricing. Once you get your quote you can simply add it to your cart, checkout and upload your artwork! Read about how our ordering process works on our process page.

    2. What is a Vector file and why do I need one?

      What is a Vector file and why do I need one?

      To produce your signage it is important that we get your artwork in the correct format so we can print it clearly and make sure it looks amazing!

      Just because you can see an image clearly on your screen does not mean it can be printed any bigger than you see it without it becoming blurry and pixelated. We ask for your artwork and logo files to be in a vector format, this is so that we can enlarge it and it remains crisp and clear.

      Bitmap graphics are made up of small dots (pixels) and can only be printed as large as they are initially created, any bigger and they start to pixelate. Vector graphics can be made as big as you like and they are always clear as they are built up of mathematical calculations (vectors), so each time you change the size it can recalculate.

      The most common file formats you will find Vector graphics in are PDF & EPS

      The most common file formats you will find Bitmap graphics in are JPEG, JPG, TIFF & GIF

      Example 1 : Vector Graphics (showing how a small graphic can be enlarged and remain clear).


      Example 2 : Bitmap Graphics (showing how a small graphic is enlarged and becomes pixelated).



      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q : My logo is a jpg (bitmap format), is it possible to simply save it as a pdf and it will be in vector format?

      A : Unfortunately it is not this simple, your logo needs to be totally re-drawn from scratch into a vector format using software such as Adobe Illustrator. Our designers are able to re-draw your logo for $85 + GST and provide it to you to keep for all future advertising needs.


      Q : How do I check if my logo is in vector format or not?

      A : The best way to check is to open the file on your computer and zoom in, if you zoom in to the size the graphic will be when its printed and it is clear, then it will print clearly.


      Q : Can I use a logo from my website or that I find on google?

      A : Images that are displayed on websites are in bitmap format, so no this is not possible.


      Q : What type of file will I have that is in vector format?

      A : Most PDF or EPS files are in vector format, we are happy to check them for you if you send them to us (

    3. How should I finish my Outdoor Vinyl Banner?

      How should I finish my Outdoor Vinyl Banner?

      We offer a wide range of finishing methods for your Outdoor Vinyl Banner including Ropes & Eyelets, Hemmed Edges & Eyelets, Rod Pockets, Velcro Around Perimeter and Keddar Edging.

      Finishing your banner with Ropes & Eyelets is perfect for when you need to tie your banner off or attach your banner to a fence. If you do not require rope we can also simply finish your banner with just Hemmed Edges & Eyelets. Our eyelets are reinforced to giving your banner that extra bit of protection

      Rod Pockets are perfect for creating a banner to use in a march/parade or as a hanging advertisement for your business. We produce 75mm Layflat rod pockets that fit poles up to 45mm in Diameter so simply advise us the size of the rod you plan on using and we will create a rod pocket to suit.

      We can also finish your banner with Velcro Around the Perimeter. This finishing method is commonly used for trade shows and when you require a banner to attach directly to a wall.

      Finally Keddar Edging is a great option to produce a large format sign without any joins or splits in panels. This is a very popular sign for warehouses and industrial buildings.

      So whatever finishing method you require Easy Signs has you covered.

      Click here to get an instant price on your outdoor vinyl banner.


    4. What Print & Lamination option should I select for my Metal Sign?

      What Print & Lamination option should I select for my Metal Sign?

      We have a couple of methods available for producing your Metal (Aluminum Composite Panel) Signs to suit your application and budget and desired look.

      UV Print & No Lamination (Lifespan 2 - 3 years until noticable fading begins)

      Our state of the art flatbed digital printers allow us to print directly to metal panels up to 2400 x 1200mm in size. Full colour CMYK printing is applied directly to the white panel and is cured with UV lamps. This is our most economical form of printing as it removes the need for vinyl material. While the printing resolution is very good, it is not photographic quality holding it at arm's length, however at 3 metres distance it looks amazing. We suggest this method of printing for signs that are going to be viewed from a distance and are also not going to be brushed up against or touched often as there is no over-laminate protecting the print. The life span of the inks on signs outdoors with this method of printing is generally up to 3 years. The reason inks fade is due to the UV light attacking the ink pigments, so the life of the inks all depends on how much sun the sign gets.

      Avery Vinyl with Lamination (Your choice of : Gloss, Matte or Anti-Graffiti) (Lifespan : 4 - 5 Years until noticable fading begins)

      This is our premium method of producing metal signs and is by far the most popular option. Using our wide format Roland printers with quality Japanese Roland Inks, we are able to print at extremely high quality onto Avery Adhesive Vinyl. The graphics are printed and then left for 24 hours to dry. We then process the material through our wide format laminator to apply an Avery overlaminate of your choice, depending on the look you are after you can select gloss or matte. If you are in an area where you think your sign may be vandalised there is an option of an anti-graffiti laminate (this is only available in gloss), This is a polyester material rather than a vinyl and is designed to stop the absorption of paint so it can be easily cleaned. It is also a tougher material than vinyl which allows you to scrub the graffiti off. All of these laminate options are clear adhesive films that are applied over the printed vinyl. This forms a protective layer over the printed vinyl, so it minimises any potential damage to the print from bumping against it or cleaning it.

      Once the print is laminated it is ready for application to your sign panel. Most small sign shops apply the graphics by hand, which can result in stretching and bubbles. Due to our volume we have been able to invest in a huge flatbed application machine that applies the vinyl perfectly to give you the best result every time. The vinyl is applied with a 10mm bleed around the outside which is then trimmed off and your sign is ready to go.

      The lifespan of your sign using this printing & lamination method is approximately 4 - 5 years. The ink manufactureres state a life outdoors of up to 3 years, and the Avery Over-Laminate adds up to another 2 years.

      Click here to work out an instant price for your metal ACP sign now.

    5. Which Flag base is best for me?

      Which Flag base is best for me?

      Selecting the correct base is important to ensure you can use your flags anywhere you want. All of our bases fit on all of our flag poles, so you can purchase multiple bases to allow you to use your flags at any event or location.

      The most popular base is the Ground Spike which allows you to stand the flag up on soft surfaces, such as grass or dirt areas, garden beds & sand at the beach.

      The second most popular stand is our Folding Cross Base with Water Bag. This stand allows you to use your flags on hard surfaces, such as indoors on carpet or outdoors on concrete. We find this model to be much easier to transport and as effective as the cast iron bases on the market, so this is the only option we sell for hard surfaces.

      The third option is our Wall Bracket. This option is perfect if you have a set location at the front of your store or on a fence that you will be putting your flags out on each day. These brackets are designed to be permanently screw fixed to a wall or fence and allow you to simply take the flag on and off each day. There are two options available, our 90 degree bracket allows the flag to sit straight up, the 35 degree option allows the flag to point out on an angle.

      The fourth option is our Car Base. This is a very popular option for car yards. This base is locked in place by a front or rear car wheel. 

      If you have any questions about which flag base would be best for you, please email us at or give us a call on 02 9522 3843.

    6. G.J. Gardner – New Homes & New Signage!

      G.J. Gardner – New Homes & New Signage!

      G.J. Gardner needed to increase brand awareness at one of their display villages. The popular solution is to manufacture a pylon sign, which is an effective method for a business to present their brand and contact details. Easy Signs took on the task, creating signage that truly does G.J. Gardner justice.

      The pylon sign was produced by creating an internal sign frame which was cladded with 3mm Aluminium Composite Panel. The graphics were then applied to the face of the panel using high quality cast vinyl, giving the sign added durability and vibrant colours.

      Click here to visit our website for some great ideas, or contact us on 02 9522 3843 to speak to one of our signage consultants.


    7. Quality Meats and Quality Signage!

      Quality Meats and Quality Signage!

      JB Quality Meats were looking to create a shop front that matched their high quality products and service. The solution was to design, produce and install a complete shop fit out. This project utilised all departments of the business from the initial site survey, custom designed logos and graphics, production of multiple signs created from many different materials and finally being completed by a highly polished after hours install.

      The final install included cladding components of the shop front in black Aluminium Composite Panel which produced a modern and clean looking finish. The back wall graphics were created by applying a Full Colour Digital Print to the rear of Transparent Red Acrylic Panels which gave a subtle but highly effective result. Finally to compliment all of the printed graphics a Fabricated ACP Lightbox with Push Through LED Lit Letters was manufactured to give the shop front a strong presence, standing out from their competitors.

      Click here to visit our website for some great ideas, or contact us on 02 9522 3843 to speak to one of our signage consultants.


    8. Easy Signs and Captain Cook Cruises Take Signage to a New Sea Level!

      Easy Signs and Captain Cook Cruises Take Signage to a New Sea Level!

      Captain Cook Cruises needed to revamp the branding on their Sydney Harbour ferry services. The aim was to transform the plain ferry into moving signage that stands out and promotes the marketing campaign.

      To achieve this Easy Signs would need to apply signage to a 25 metre catamaran. This involved applying Cut Vinyl, Digitally Printed One-Way Vision and Painted Graphics to the hull and cabin of the ferry. Logistically this was a huge effort by the team to organise measuring the ferry, calculating correct vinyl coverage, producing the signage and finally installing the graphics.

      Once the install was completed the boat was transformed into moving advertisement for Captain Cook that was consistent with their new marketing campaign.

      If you have any questions or queries on what would be the best option for your business’s signage, contact us today.


    9. Easy Signs and Kawnine Real Estate Close the Deal!

      Easy Signs and Kawnine Real Estate Close the Deal!

      Kawnine Real Estate wanted to achieve a shop front that would increase their brand awareness and help them standout from other real estate agents. Easy Signs had the solution that would completely transform their bland shop front into an attractive piece of real estate. 

      The revamp included designing, manufacturing and installing a Full Colour Digitally Printed Flag, Acrylic Lightbox Faces with Vinyl Cut Graphics, Aluminium Composite Panel with Vinyl Cut Graphics and Aluminium Composite Panel with Acrylic Fabricated 3D Letters with LED lighting. The Acrylic Fabricated lettering is the clear hero of the signage and this signage option looks amazing during the day and even better when illuminated at night. 

      The installation has completely transformed the shop front into a professional and noticeable business.

      If you have any questions or queries on what would be the best option for your business’s signage, contact us today.


    10. Clear concepts saw the potential

      Clear concepts saw the potential

      Clear concept approached Easy Signs to wrap not just one vehicle but two! The challenge of this was to create a concept that would work on two completely different sized vehicles, a Hi-Ace Van and a Smart Car.

      Our designers were provided with corporate colours and the business’s logos, the rest was left in their capable hands to create a contemporary concept that promoted the business but still worked across the two vehicles. The initial design concept was produced on the Hi-Ace van. The same design concept was applied to the Smart Car, the critical aspect was keeping the design consistent with the Hi-Ace but keeping the design within the contours of the Smart Car.

      Once the two designs concepts were complete a combination of Full Colour Digitally Printed Vehicle Graphics and Cut Vinyl Vehicle graphics were applied to the vehicles. Finally Full Colour Digitally Print One-Way Vision was applied to the rear windows.

       Click here for more information on vehicle graphics.


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