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1 x EasySEG Fabric with Portrait Frame A1 (594mm x 841mm)

$163.46 inc GST

10 x EasySEG Fabric with Portrait Frame A1 (594mm x 841mm)

$1,462.18 inc GST
($146.22 inc GST each)

1 x EasySEG Fabric with Portrait Frame A0 (841mm x 1189mm)

$218.28 inc GST

10 x EasySEG Fabric with Portrait Frame A0 (841mm x 1189mm)

$1,922.53 inc GST
($192.25 inc GST each)


About our EasySEG™ Fabric Frames

Our EasySEG™ Fabric Frame allows you to display your brand in the most professional way - with a high quality printed fabric on a tension frame manufactured in Australia. The fabric is printed in high resolution on our quality SignWeave™ polyester fabric and then a silicone edge is sewn around the perimeter. The silicone edge is inserted into the aluminium frame pulling the fabric taut to provide a “frameless” look so your customers will focus on the high quality edge to edge graphic.

This is the perfect visual display for your retail outlet, showroom, office, event or home and is sure to impress your customers!

  • Our EasySEG fabric is compatible for use in other brands including ReFrame, RexFrame, FabFrame, Matrix Frame, Selbys Fabric Frames and Vivad Stretch Frames
  • Our fabric graphics have a 3mm thick x 13mm long silicone edge - so will fit any standard frame with a slot width of 4.5mm and minimum depth of 14mm
  • Fast and easy self-installation
  • Full colour, vibrant dye sublimated printed fabric - printed in Australia!
  • High quality SignWeave™ 250gsm polyester fabric with a matte finish to reduce glare - perfect for photography!
  • Single sided frontlit only available
  • Standard sizes A1 and A0 available with 24 hour production
  • Custom sizes available from 297mm x 210mm up to 3000mm x 4000mm with 5 day production
  • Fabric graphics can be easily changed over on the same frame - just select replacement fabrics on our pricing calculator!
  • Strong 16mm profile aluminium frame with a clear anodized coating for sizes under 2000mm. A larger 26mm profile will be supplied for sizes 2000mm and above
  • Frames will be supplied in maximum lengths of 1500mm. Larger sizes will be supplied in multiple lengths with joiners

** The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to produce my EasySEG Fabric Frame order?

    We can produce your EasySEG Fabric Frame order in as little as 24 hours* after artwork sign off:

    A1 and AO sizes:

    < $1101 inc GST - 24 hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
    < $3301 inc GST - 48 hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off
    < $5501 inc GST - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of deposit

    Custom Sizes (other than A1 and AO sizes):

    < $5500 inc GST - 5 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of deposit (if order is over $3300 inc GST)

  • Can I order replacement fabric prints for the EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    Yes this is one of the benefits of the EasySEG. You can simply remove the existing fabric and insert the new fabric - it will only take a minute of two. It is an easy and low cost way of displaying different graphics on the same frame. Our replacement fabrics can be ordered by selecting this option in the pricing calculator on this web page.

  • How do I attach the fabric to the EasySEG frame?

    ​This is a very easy and fast process. The fabric has a silicone edging sewn around the perimeter and the aluminium frame has a “slot” around the edge. You simply insert the silicone edging into the slot around the perimeter of the frame and your EasySEG Fabric Frame is ready!

  • How can I install my Easy SEG Fabric Frame to a wall?

    You can simply drill through the aluminium extrusion to insert your fixings into the wall. This drilled hole will then be hidden behind the fabric.

  • What is the largest size you can supply the EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    We can print the fabrics up to 3000mm wide and have limited to the height to 4000mm. The aluminium frames can be supplied in multiple lengths for larger sizes (max 1500mm per length) with joiners​ so you can easily and quickly put the full frame together.

  • What size is the silicone edge on the EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    The silicone edge is 13mm long x 3mm thick. It is designed to fit into a 4.5mm wide slot.

  • Can you supply backlit EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    At this stage we do not supply backlit EasySEG Fabric Frames.​

  • Can you supply double sided EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    At this stage we only supply single sided EasySEG Fabric Frames.

  • What colour is the frame of the EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    The frame is an anodised aluminium with a clear coating - so it is a silver aluminium colour.

  • Can I select the profile for the EasySEG Fabric Frames?

    ​We specify the profile based on the width and height of the frame ordered. If either of the width or height is 2000mm or larger we will supply a 26mm profile frame. Smaller sizes will be supplied with a 16mm profile frame. We do not offer any variations to this.

  • Can I order an EasySEG fabric only for my existing frame?

    Yes you can order our fabric to install into your existing silicon edge graphic frame - providing your existing frame can accept a 3mm thick x 13mm long silicon edge. You will need to provide us with the custom fabric size you need by measuring the height and width of your existing frame​ (measured from the outside of the insert cavity).

  • Can I wash my EasySEG™ fabric if it gets dirty?

    Yes the high quality SignWeave™ polyester fabric can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle. You may be able to remove small marks using cold water with a damp sponge. The wet fabric should be dried in a shaded area.

Change your graphics easily with EasySEG™

Have you been looking for a frame that lets you swap your fabric graphics over whenever you want?

EasySEG™ Fabric Frames are the answer! Our fabric graphics come with a silicone edge which simply slips into the cavity in the aluminium frame. If you want to change the graphic, just order another fabric, slip the old one out and the new one in!

It only takes seconds to change! How easy is that?

SignWeave™ Fabric

Our Superior SignWeave™ Fabric for EasySEG™

Our 250gsm SignWeave™ Fabric is of superior quality producing great quality prints in ultra high resolution!

It features a matte finish ensuring your EasySEG™ Fabric frames are great for photography, retail display or exhibition display showing minimal reflective sheen under fluorescent lighting.

Our SignWeave™ Fabric also has a smooth feel making it luxurious to touch!

Manufactured in Australia in only 24 Hours!

At Easy Signs, we manufacture our high quality SignWeave™ fabric products in our Sydney manufacturing facility in a superfast 24 hours from your artwork approval!

We know that you want your signs fast! Our in-house printing means you no longer have to wait weeks for your supplier to outsource their fabric products from China.

Our high tech European-made equipment, combined with Easy Signs’ industry leading manufacturing process, allows us to produce your fabric orders faster than any other supplier!

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EasySEG™ Fabric Frames
EasySEG™ Fabric Frames
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