Easy Signs Launches New Clear Eyelets!

Easy Signs have installed the latest in eyelet technology and now supply the new clear eyelets for Signflute™ signs, Corflute® signs and Vinyl Banners. Developed and manufactured in Italy, clear eyelets are now standard across all Easy Signs products, replacing the old metal eyelets, and are supplied at no extra charge.

What are clear eyelets?

Our clear eyelets are made from clear thermoplastic polymer and inserted into the Signflute™ signs, Corflute® signs or vinyl banners to allow you to attach the signs using cable ties or similar fixings.

Clear Eyelets
New Clear Eyelets vs Old Metal Eyelets (Above)

Why are clear eyelets so much better than the old metal eyelets?

  • No more ugly metal eyelets on your signs! You can see straight through the ring of the clear eyelets so you can actually see your printed graphic. With the old metal eyelets, all you can see is the ugly metal ring which obstructs the printed graphic. The clear eyelets make your signs look fantastic.
  • No more rusted eyelets - the thermoplastic polymer of the clear eyelets do not rust.
  • The clear eyelets have been UV treated so they do not become discoloured or brittle.
  • The clear eyelets are stronger than the metal eyelets
  • The clear eyelets are environmentally friendly. They contain no PVC and can be recycled with any PP or HDPE media

Why don’t all sign companies supply the clear eyelets?

Specialised machinery has been developed to insert the clear eyelets into signs, and this machinery is relatively expensive. Easy Signs is a very progressive sign manufacturer, and believes it is important to invest in new technology to provide the Australian industry with the best possible product.

Do the clear eyelets really look so much better than the old metal eyelets?

Don’t take our word for it - check out the photo above comparing the 2 types of eyelets on Signflute™ corrugated plastic and vinyl banners.

Now… would you ever want a sign with the old metal eyelets again?

If you have any questions about our clear eyelets, please get in touch with our friendly Customer Happiness Team.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners are printed in high resolution full digital colour onto heavy duty 510gsm vinyl banner material which includes a blockout! When eyelets are selected as the finishing method the banners will include high quality clear eyelets to provide the best looking banners in Australia.

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