Our stainless steel stand offs now come in 2 sizes!

Our high quality stainless steel stand offs have been helping to make our customer’s Acrylic Reception Signs signs look amazing. Our large stainless steel stand offs have been such a hit with our customers that we have now released a smaller version which will suit the smaller acrylic signs that many customers love to install around their office or home.

Do you know what a stand off is? It is a cylindrical shaped mount that is designed to allow you to install a panel sign so that it stands off the wall (it does not sit flush against the wall). You simply attach the base of the stand off to the wall and then push the top of the stand off through the hole in the acrylic sign and screw it into the base. This secures your sign to the stand off which in turn is secured to the wall. The signs stands off the wall by the amount of the height of the stand off.

Customers tell us that our stand offs are the best they have ever used. Now we admit that the competition is not too tough when some other companies are supplying low quality stand offs made out of plastic and aluminium which will crack and break! We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality - our customers want a product that will last. So we made our standoffs out of solid stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish. They provide the perfect compliment to your Easy Signs Acrylic Reception Signs and can be used to improve the appearance and installation of any panel sign.

Now we have explained what stand offs are and what they do - here is a bit of detail. The large stand off we have been using for many years has a diameter of 19mm and a height of 25mm. Our new small stand off has a diameter of 15.7mm and a height of 20mm. Both stand offs have a hole at the bottom for your fixing to go through which is 4mm diameter.

Which stand off will we supply for your sign? It depends on the size of your sign. We will supply the large stand off for signs which have an area of more than 0.15 sq.mtr (for example a size of 500mm x 300mm) and the small stand off will be supplied for all smaller signs. If this is not what you want please tell us and we will supply the other size for you.

Here are some photos of our stand off mounts to give you a better idea of how they look:

Satin Stainless Steel Stand Off Photos
Satin Stainless Steel Stand Off Photos

Acrylic Reception Signs

Acrylic Reception Signs come with full colour digital print attached to the rear of the 10mm thick clear acrylic panel - to make your logo or graphic look amazing! High quality stainless steel stand offs are included to provide a high quality, professional finish.

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