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Vinyl Mesh Banners

24 Hour Production

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* Our free shipping is based on sending the entire order to 1 location. If either the height or width is greater than 1200mm H it is considered oversized freight, which is at an extra expense. Use our pricing calculator below for an accurate shipping rate on the size and quantity of signs you need.

As low as
15.53 inc GST  per m²

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Most Requested

1 x Vinyl Mesh Banner with Digital Print finished with Welded Edges & Eyelets (2400mm W x 1600mm H)

$ 137.50  inc GST

1 x Vinyl Mesh Banner with Digital Print finished with Welded Edges & Eyelets (3000mm W x 1600mm H)

$ 137.50  inc GST

1 x Vinyl Mesh Banner with Digital Print finished with Welded Edges & Eyelets (2400mm W x 1800mm H)

$ 137.50  inc GST

1 x Vinyl Mesh Banner with Digital Print finished with Welded Edges & Eyelets (3000mm W x 1000mm H)

$ 137.50  inc GST


About our Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl Mesh Banners are perfect for construction site fences as the perforations in the mesh banner material let the air flow through - to reduce the wind pressure on your fence.

  • Full colour high resolution digital printing
  • Huge bulk discounts available!
  • Mesh material lets wind pass through
  • Perfect for construction site fences!
  • Our mesh banners look great with clear eyelets
  • Maximum banner height: 2000mm. Maximum banner width: Unlimited but split into max 10,000mm widths
  • Finished with welded edges and eyelets every 500mm around the perimeter.
  • Printing is UV and Weatherproof

We print our Vinyl Mesh Banners in full colour at a high resolution onto a strong mesh banner material. We finish the banners with welded edges and clear eyelets every 500mm around the perimeter.

Click here to read our blog post on our new clear eyelets.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to produce my Vinyl Mesh Banner order?

    We can produce your Vinyl Mesh Banner order in as little as 24 hours from artwork proof sign off:

    < $1101 inc GST - 24 hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
    < $2201 inc GST - 48 hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off
    < $4401 inc GST - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit if over $3300 inc GST
    < $8801 inc GST - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit
    < $15,401 inc GST - 5 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit
    < $22,001 inc GST - 6 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit

  • Why are clear eyelets better than the old metal eyelets?

    Clear eyelets are the latest in eyelet technology. The old metal eyelets would block the graphic on your sign and be very noticeable - but you can see straight through the clear eyelets. This allows you to see more of your graphic on the sign as the clear eyelets are barely noticeable. The clear eyelets are also just as strong as the metal eyelets but will not rust. The signs look significantly better with the clear eyelets.

  • How are the edges of the Vinyl Mesh Banners finished?

    Vinyl Mesh Banners up to 2000mm high are finished with folded and welded edges and eyelets placed every 500mm along the perimeter.

  • What is the normal height for a banner on a construction fence?

    You will need to measure the fence to be sure, however the most common height ordered is 1600mm.

  • How large can my Vinyl Mesh Banner be?

    We manufacture the Vinyl Mesh Banners with a maximum height of 2000mm. We can supply any width required although we limit the size of each banner to 10 metres width. Banners wider than 10 metres are split (i.e. a 20 metre wide banner will be supplied in 2 x 10 metre widths) and are designed to be installed next to each other so they look like one large banner. This 10 metre maximum width also makes installation much easier as larger banners are much more difficult to handle.

  • How thick is the Vinyl Mesh material?

    Our Vinyl Mesh Banner material is a strong 250gsm, 12 x 12 thread material.

  • How do we attach the banners to our fence?

    If it is a normal construction fence we suggest that the easiest method is cable ties through the eyelets. We supply the banners with eyelets every metre along the top and bottom.

  • How accurate will the size of my Vinyl Mesh Banner be?

    Due to the heat produced during our Latex printing process, the final banner size can vary up to approx. 2% from what is ordered.

    As such, we don’t advise Vinyl Mesh Banners to be printed with measurements on them as these will not be 100% accurate, unfortunately.

    Our banners are also not recommended if you need to fit them into an existing frame or use specific eyelet locations, as the size may be slightly out due to the heating process.

  • Can I add a QR Code on my Vinyl Mesh Banner?

    We recommend that any QR codes added to the artwork are at least 150mm x 150mm in size. If you provide a QR code smaller than this, there is a chance it will not work due the perforations in the material.

  • I have multiple designs, are there extra setup fees?

    Yes, our price includes the set up cost for 1 design only. If you have multiple designs for the same size you will still get the lower bulk price, however there is a small multiple artwork charge applied for each additional design to cover our extra set up costs. Simply enter the total number of signs required and then the total number of designs into the pricing calculator above - and it will work out an accurate price for you.



Product Reviews

HP Latex 3200 printing for the best banners in Australia!

HP Latex 3200 printing for the best banners in Australia!

Our HP Latex 3200 printers are at the cutting edge of world printing technology and provide exceptionally high print quality with super fast printing speeds.

These high tech printers allow us to provide our customers with vinyl banners that are printed in full digital colour with the most amazing print quality. Don’t take our word for it - compare the print quality of our banners to your current supplier and you will be convinced! The HP Latex 3200 printers also provide print that is environmentally friendly, has no smell, and has increased scratch resistance.

Lowest price, highest print quality and fastest production time! These do not usually go hand in hand - but these high speed HP Latex 3200 printers have also allowed us to reduce our printing costs and pass the savings onto our customers through lower prices.

Perfect colours every time!

Perfect colours every time!

Our colour management system ensures that all of our printers print the correct colour every time.

As part of our colour management system, we have profiled all of our printers and materials to print to the ISO12647 colour standard. We also implement weekly colour checks on all printers to ensure the accuracy of the colours we are printing for our customers.

This makes sure that your colours are printed perfectly - for every order.

Our eyelets never rust!

Our eyelets never rust!

Rusty metal eyelets are now a thing of the past!

Clear eyelets are now standard on all of our products - at no extra charge!

Have you ever seen metal eyelets on signs and noticed how they detract from the aesthetic quality of the sign? The ring of the metal eyelets hides the printing and intrudes into the graphic - and can even rust!

Clear eyelets make the signs look amazingly better. As they are clear you can see right through them to your graphic - and the thermoplastic polymer material is as strong as metal and will not rust.

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Vinyl Mesh Banners
Vinyl Mesh Banners
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