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1 x Steel Gazebo Frame (2m x 2m) with Full Colour Printed Canopy (excluding heavy duty carry bag)

$ 458.70  inc GST

1 x Steel Gazebo Frame (3m x 3m) with Full Colour Printed Canopy (excluding heavy duty carry bag)

$ 553.30  inc GST

1 x Steel Gazebo Frame (3m x 3m) with Full Colour Printed Canopy (excluding heavy duty carry bag) and Full Colour printed Back Wall on Inside

$ 729.30  inc GST


About our Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series

Are you looking for a full colour printed Gazebo that offers both great quality and value? Then the Steel Series Pop-Up Gazebo is for you!

Our Steel Series Pop Up Gazebos come complete with a full colour printed canopy and a heavy duty 45mm hexagonal steel frame. We print your logo, text or images onto all sides of the canopy so it provides fantastic exposure for your brand at an amazingly low price. For even more brand exposure and protection from the elements, you can order the optional walls for the back and/or the sides which includes single or double sided full colour print. The printed marquee can be easily assembled in 5 minutes and then packed away in it’s own optional heavy duty carry bag with wheels. It is perfect for corporate events, school fetes, sporting club events, market stalls or anywhere a temporary shelter or canopy is required. Optional waterbags or sandbags to secure your Gazebo can be ordered at the Gazebo Accessories page.

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  • 2 sizes available: 2x2 metre and 3x3 metre
  • 4 adjustable height settings
  • Strong 45mm hexagonal powder coated steel frame (1mm steel profile)
  • Full colour custom printed canopy can include your logo, text or photo images
  • Optional full size or half size back and side walls with single or double sided full colour custom print available.
  • Half size walls ordered with a gazebo are supplied with aluminium support bars
  • Our Gazebos come with Structural Engineering Certification (pdf file available in 'Other Downloads' above)
  • Certified for Water Repellency and 50+ UPF rating (pdf files available in 'Other Downloads' above)
  • Certified for Fire Resistance to AS1530:2 and AS1530:3 as required by ABCB Temporary Structures Standard Part 4.1 (pdf files available in 'Other Downloads' above)
  • Includes 4 x spare frame screws
  • Heavy duty carry bag with wheels is an optional extra and can be selected in the instant online calculator
  • Waterbags and Sandbags for securing the legs are available from the Gazebo Accessory page
  • Assembles in only 5 minutes
  • 12 month warranty

The Pop Up Gazebos have 4 adjustable height settings. Below are the heights for each setting - with measurements for the Side (from the bottom to the top of the vertical posts) and the Centre (from the floor to the very top of the Gazebo):
Setting 1 - Side : 2170mm high Centre : 3250mm high (2x2 is 2940mm high)
Setting 2 - Side : 2250mm high Centre : 3330mm high (2x2 is 3020mm high)
Setting 3 - Side : 2330mm high Centre : 3410mm high (2x2 is 3100mm high)
Setting 4 - Side : 2410mm high Centre : 3490mm high (2x2 is 3180mm high)

NOTE: Canopy and walls are guaranteed to fit Easy Signs Pop Up Gazebos only

** Fixed shipping of $29 inc GST applies for up to 5 frames, for larger quantities an extra freight surcharge of $55 inc GST is applied. The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to produce my Gazebo - Steel Series order?

    Our production lead time is 7 working days from artwork proof sign off:

    < 6 units - 7 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit (if required)
    < 11 units - 9 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit
    < 16 units - 14 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit

  • What material is the printed canopy?

    The canopy is made from a high quality 500D polyester material and includes high resolution full colour printing. The material can be printed with any colour and logo/design you choose.

  • How long will the Gazebo printed canopy and walls last?

    ​The printed canopy and walls of our gazebos are printed using the dye sublimation process which provides high quality print and vibrant colours.

    When used internally (i.e. out of the sun and weather) this printed fabrics will last indefinitely.

    When used outdoors the dye sublimated fabrics will fade over time - and the amount of fading will depend on the amount of UV they are exposed to. As an indication we would expect the Gazebo fabric to last 6 - 12 months before fading, if being used outdoors continually. However Gazebos are generally used outdoors for one or two day events so will last for a very long time.

    The actual lifespan for the printed fabrics will depend on how long they are used outdoors and the conditions they are exposed to. It should be noted that polyester fabric Gazebo canopies and walls supplied by other suppliers in Australia will last for a similar amount of time as they are usually printed using the same dye sublimation process.

  • What is the difference between the Aluminium and Steel Series Pop Up Gazebo?

    When choosing a Gazebo from Easy Signs you have two options: the Steel Series and the Aluminum Series. Both of these Gazebo types come fitted with the same full colour printed canopy and optional walls that are both UV and weather resistant. The only difference is the frame system.
    The Steel Series frame has a 12 month warranty and is made out of a textured, powder coated, (you guessed it) steel! This frame is our most economical frame system that is available in 2 sizes (2x2 and 3x3 metre) - it is not available in the larger 3x4.5 and 3x6 metre options. The frame is heavier than the Aluminium Series so if you need to carry the frame long distances or weight is a consideration then the Aluminium option may be for you.
    The Aluminium Series has a 3 year warranty on the smooth, lightweight anodised aluminium frame. This is our premium frame system and is available in 4 sizes (2x2, 3x3, 3x4.5 and 3x6 metre). If you are not concerned about the weight of the frame and looking for a more economical option then the Steel Series is the right option for you.

  • Why is the Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series not available in large sizes?

    The Steel Series is not available in 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m sizes as the steel material becomes quite heavy when used with a larger frame. The good news is that our Aluminium Series frames are available in these sizes and also offer a durable finish and great value for money!

  • Is the Pop Up Gazebo canopy 100% waterproof?

    The canopy is a 500D Polyester Fabric which is designed to repel water and is certified for Water Repellency to AS2001.2.16 (pdf file is available to download from ‘Other Downloads’ section on this page). This material is classified as waterproof as it will prevent rain from coming through under normal conditions. However, if water is allowed to “pool” on top of the canopy, the water will eventually seep through the material. It is important for customers to avoid water “pooling” on top of the canopy for this reason.

  • Are the canopy and walls of the Pop Up Gazebo flame resistant?

    Yes - the canopy and wall materials pass the CPAI- 84 Standard which is a recommended standard for flammability of recreational tents.

  • What is Structural Engineering Certification?

    ​An increasing number of event companies and government departments require the Pop Up Marquees to have Structural Engineering Certification - and will not allow you to use a gazebo unless you can provide this certification. This certification means that the Pop Up Gazebos have been tested by a structural engineer to ensure that they perform to the required specifications up to a certain wind speed. You can download our Certificate from the ‘Other Downloads’ section on this web page.

  • What is Structural Engineering VBA Compliance?

    ​The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have some different requirements than other states. This compliance letter states that our Pop Up Gazebos have been tested by a Structural Engineer and comply with the VBA requirements. You can download our VBA Compliance letter from the ‘Other Downloads’ section on this web page.

  • How long does it take to assemble the Pop Up Gazebo?

    It only takes 2 people about 5 minutes to set up the Pop Up Gazebo. You can download our Assembly guide from the ‘Other Downloads’ section above. Once the canopy has been attached to the Pop Up Gazebo frame the first time, it can stay attached to the frame so future setup is even faster. However we recommend removing the canopy if the Gazebo is being transported in a horizontal position.

  • Which side of the Pop Up Gazebo Wall will be printed?

    The printed walls have velcro sewn along the top on one side - to allow it to attach to velcro sewn onto the inside of the Gazebo canopy skirt. This means that a single sided print is not reversible so it is important to select whether you want the print facing the inside or outside. One of these options, or double sided print, must be selected in the pricing calculator when you choose to order a wall for the Gazebo.

  • How do I attach the back wall to the Pop Up Gazebo?

    The full back and side walls come with a strip of HOOK Velcro across the top and with Velcro loops down each side. The HOOK velcro strip at the top of the wall is attached to the LOOP Velcro on the valance of the canopy (the skirt of the roof) - and the velcro loops are attached around the vertical poles of the frame.

  • How do I secure the Pop Up Gazebo?

    The steel base plates on the base of each leg have 2 holes where you can insert tent pegs to secure the Pop Up Gazebo. We also supply waterbags and sandbags which can be filled and attached to the posts of the Pop Up Gazebo - you can see these on our Gazebo Accessories web page. However we strongly recommend that you obtain professional advice on what is required to secure your Pop Up Gazebo in your specific location. Pop Up Gazebos should not be used during strong winds.

  • Can I just use a Waterbag or Sandbag to Secure my Gazebo?

    While our Waterbags and Sandbags are designed to help hold down your Gazebo, they should always be used in addition to tent pegs. Even if you are using Waterbags or Sandbags it is not recommended to use Gazebos in windy conditions.

  • How do I order side walls for the Gazebo?

    In the pricing calculator on this web page you will find options to select “Back Wall”, “Left Wall” or “Right Wall”. You simply select the walls you would like for your Pop Up Gazebo and the pricing calculator will work out the price. You can then add it to your cart and proceed through checkout to submit your order.

  • What is the actual size of the optional back and side walls for the Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series?

    2x2 Pop Up Gazebo Walls:

    2070mm W x 2050mm H (all walls)

    3x3 Pop Up Gazebo Walls:

    3080mm W x 2050mm H (all walls)

  • What is the size of the half walls for the Pop Up Gazebos - Steel Series?

    2x2 Pop Up Gazebo Half Walls:
    2045mm W x 1080mm H (all sides)

    3x3 Pop Up Gazebo Half Walls:
    3045mm W x 1080mm H (all sides)

  • What comes with the Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series Half Wall Support Kits?

    The Half Walls Support Kits come with the following:

    a) 2x2 Pop Up Gazebo

    1 set of 2 x clear plastic post connectors (which clamp to each post)

    1 x 2 metre support bar (the ends of the bar are inserted into the clear plastic post connectors)

    b) 3x3 Pop Up Gazebo

    1 set of 2 x clear plastic post connectors (which clamp to each post)

    1 x 3 metre telescopic support bar (the ends of the bar are inserted into the clear plastic post connectors)

  • What are the packed sizes and weights of the Steel Gazebos?

    Frame packed size and weight:

    2m: 1610x250x250mm (21kgs)

    3m: 1610x250x250mm (25kgs)

    Fabric packed size:

    2m: 310x290x430mm

    3m: 310x290x430mm

  • How can I remove any creases from the polyester fabric?

    We recommend that you use a steamer to remove any creases from the polyester fabric. It is also possible to use a warm iron but important that you use an ironing cloth so that the iron does not contact the fabric.

  • I have multiple designs, are there extra setup fees?

    Yes, our price includes the set up cost for 1 design only. If you have multiple designs for the same size you will still get the lower bulk price, however there is a small multiple artwork charge applied for each additional design to cover our extra set up costs. Simply enter the total number of signs required and then the total number of designs into the pricing calculator above - and it will work out an accurate price for you.

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Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series
Pop Up Gazebo - Steel Series
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