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2 x 600mm W x 300mm H White Economy Reflective Magnets with Lamination

$ 137.50  inc GST
($68.75 GST each)

2 x 600mm W x 500mm H White Economy Reflective Magnets with Lamination

$ 211.20  inc GST
($105.60 GST each)

4 x 300mm W x 150mm H Yellow Prismatic Reflective Aluminium Composite Panels with Lamination

$ 137.50  inc GST
($34.38 GST each)

2 x 900mm W x 600mm H White Prismatic Reflective Aluminium Composite Panels with Lamination

$ 370.98  inc GST
($185.49 GST each)

2 x 900mm W x 600mm H White Economy Reflective Sticker without Lamination

$ 137.50  inc GST
($68.75 GST each)

20 x 200mm W x 200mm H Yellow Prismatic Reflective Stickers without Lamination

$ 137.50  inc GST
($6.88 GST each)


About our Reflective Signs

Our Reflective Signs are sure to attract attention - maybe even stop traffic! We have a range of different materials for you to select from depending on your requirements. You can select either of our Engineer Grade options that are available in White or Yellow material for a smooth finish with lighter reflectivity. If you’re after something to really hold a torch to, our Brilliant Grade Prismatic options have a honeycomb effect that offers greater reflectivity and they are also available in White or Yellow material.

If you have special requirements you need your Reflective Signs to meet, check out our FAQs for more information.

  • Fast 24 hour turnaround time
  • Instant pricing using our online calculator
  • A wide range of material grades to suit your requirements
  • Our prismatic materials meet the AS/NZS 1906.1 road sign standard requirements
  • Full colour digital printing on white stickers, black colour only on yellow stickers
  • Printed on HP Latex printers for colours that pop
  • The Reflective Stickers have a maximum size of 1190mm x 3000mm
  • Aluminium Composite Panels have a maximum size of 1190mm x 2400mm
  • There is a maximum height of 600mm for Car Magnets although we recommend a maximum magnet size of 600mm x 500mm for maximum adhesion to your vehicle


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the Reflective Stickers have Tool Lines?

    Our Engineer Grade materials do not have any tool lines. Our Premium Prismatic materials do have small tool lines that are a characteristic of the material and cannot be removed. They are small light lines caused by the prismatic technology used to create the material and should be no more than 1mm thick. They will not impact the performance of the product nor be noticeable from a distance. It is important to note that all prismatic materials will have these lines.

  • How long will my Reflective Signs last?

    The life of the digital print on Reflective Signs depends completely on the environmental conditions it is exposed to. Our Reflective Magnets come with a 2 year warranty. Reflective Aluminium Composite Panels are expected to last 3-4 years. The stickers alone are expected to last between 3-4 months without lamination when used outdoors or 1-2 years when laminated.

  • What colour can be printed on my Reflective Signs?

    We offer full colour digital printing on our white materials. With our yellow materials, we offer black printing only. This is to ensure you receive a product you are happy with and the print stands out on your sign.

  • What standards do our Reflective Sticker materials meet?

    Our Engineer Grade materials comply with the ATSM D 4956 standards. Our Brilliant Grade Premium Prismatic materials meet the AS/NZS 1960.1 standards when laminated using our Brilliant Grade Reflective laminate. Please note that a requirement of this standard is to have the material code as a small watermark on the product. This can be printed over but will still be visible. We recommend that you independently check your local government restrictions to ensure that any reflective product fits any road or work use requirements.

  • Are our Reflective Vinyl materials CE Certified?

    Yes! All of our reflective vinyl materials are CE Certified for consistent performance. This means they conform with European health, safety and environmental protection standards.

  • Can I order my Reflective Signs cut to shape?

    You most certainly can! We have different limitations depending on what you order. If you order stickers only, we can cut quite intricate shapes, ranging from circles to unicorns (yes, that’s right!). If you order Aluminium Composite Panels we can cut basic geometric shapes only. If you order Magnets, unfortunately we cannot offer any custom cuts or rounded corners.

    To order your Reflective Signs cut to shape you simply need to enter the maximum height and width into the pricing calculator, and select “Custom Contour” under the Cutting dropdown. When creating the artwork, we ask that it is set up with a vectored cutline as per our artwork specifications.

  • Do magnets lose their field/force?

    No, the magnetic field will last longer than the useful life of the magnet

  • How long will it take to produce my Reflective Signs?

    We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off:

    < $1101 inc GST - 24 Hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off

    < $2201 inc GST - 48 Hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off

    < $5501 inc GST - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit if over $3300 inc GST

    < $11,001 inc GST - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit

    < $16,501 inc GST - 5 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit

  • I have multiple designs, are there extra setup fees?

    Yes, our price includes the set up cost for 1 design only. If you have multiple designs for the same size you will still get the lower bulk price, however there is a small multiple artwork charge applied for each additional design to cover our extra set up costs. Simply enter the total number of signs required and then the total number of designs into the pricing calculator above - and it will work out an accurate price for you.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental Considerations

    Our Reflective Signs are printed using HP Latex Inks which are water based and are designed to avoid the hazards associated with solvent and UV inks. The ink contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) as others do, and help avoid reactive monomer chemistry exposure and ozone generation.

    The HP Latex inks meet the following environmental certificates and labels:
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Roadmap to Zero
  • AgBB Criteria

The ink cartridges use cardboard Eco-Cartons rather than the traditional plastic cartridges which reduces plastic by 80% and CO₂e by 66% in ink production and transportation. Plus, this makes the cartridges recyclable too, further reducing waste!

We also utilise the HP Recycling Program where all of our HP Latex printhead consumables are recycled with HP and used to make new printer components.
HP Latex 3200 printers provide the highest quality full colour prints!

HP Latex 3200 printers provide the highest quality full colour prints!

Our HP Latex 3200 printers are at the cutting edge of world printing technology and provide exceptionally high print quality with super fast printing speeds.

These high tech printers allow us to provide our customers with signage that is printed in full digital colour with the most amazing print quality. The HP Latex 3200 printers also provide print that is environmentally friendly, has no solvent smell, and has much higher scratch resistance.

Lowest price, highest print quality and fastest production time! These do not usually go hand in hand - but these high speed HP Latex 3200 printers have also allowed us to reduce our printing costs and pass the savings onto our customers through lower prices.

Perfect colours every time!

Perfect colours every time!

Our colour management system ensures that all of our printers print the correct colour every time.

As part of our colour management system, we have profiled all of our printers and materials to print to the ISO12647 colour standard. We also implement weekly colour checks on all printers to ensure the accuracy of the colours we are printing for our customers.

This makes sure that your colours are printed perfectly - for every order.

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Reflective Signs
Reflective Signs
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