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25 x White Clay Coated 1 Bottle Wine Mailer Box with Double Sided Printing

$ 273.47  inc GST
($10.94 GST each)

30 x Kraft 6 Bottle Wine Shipping Box with Single Sided Printing

$ 237.30  inc GST
($7.91 GST each)

25 x White Clay Coated 2 Bottle Wine Mailer Box with Single Sided Printing

$ 275.72  inc GST
($11.03 GST each)

20 x White Clay Coated 4 Bottle Wine Mailer Box with Handle and Single Sided Printing

$ 350.46  inc GST
($17.52 GST each)


About our Wine Boxes

If you’re after some amazing, “full-bodied” box options designed to ship your delicious rosés, reds and sparklings, get ready to ride on “cloud wine” with our custom printed Wine Boxes!

Choose from a Kraft finish for a minimalistic look that’s perfect for bold logos and statements, or select a White Clay Coated material to make your colours pop! Our UV and Latex printers allow for full colour digital printing at lightning-fast speeds, so you can be assured that the quality of your print is top-notch, adding that extra level of professionalism to your brand whilst still being able to be produced in a flash!

Our 1 and 2 bottle options use a lightweight yet sturdy 1.6mm E Flute material. For larger box sizes, our 3mm B Flute material provides great strength and protection during transit - making our Wine Boxes the ideal product to ensure your wines are still looking sparkling fresh when delivered!

Please note: We do not print using white ink so when ordering the Kraft finish, white elements will be left blank and will have the natural Kraft material look.

  • Produced in as little as 24 hours
  • High quality digital printing in full colour
  • Inserts are automatically added to each box, to help separate your reds from your rosés!
  • Choice of 2 different styles, to suit your requirements
  • 4 size options available in our Wine Mailer Boxes
  • 6 size options available in our Wine Shipping Boxes
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Your box comes pre-creased with pre-cut lockable tabs allowing for quick and easy assembly
  • Add an optional handle to your 3 and 4 Bottle Wine Mailer Box to carry your wine in style
  • Choose from Kraft or White Clay Coated stock
  • All materials are proudly FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council)

** The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the Wine Boxes come with dividers?

    Yes they do! If you order a box designed for 2 or more bottles, your Wine Boxes will come with custom made inserts to divide your box. If you select Single Sided printing, the inserts are unprinted and will be the colour of the material you have chosen for your Wine Box i.e. White Clay Coated or Kraft. If you select Double Sided printing, the inserts can be printed to match your design!

  • What size bottles can I use in the box?

    The Wine Boxes are designed to fit all standard sized wine bottles. The maximum diameter that will fit in the dividers is 86mm, and the maximum height is 332mm. For narrow or short bottles we recommend adding extra protection like honeycomb paper wrap or similar when placing the bottle in the box.

  • How do you assemble the Wine Boxes?

    These boxes have been designed to be easily assembled as they come pre-creased and glued on one edge, and the inserts join together easily to divide the box for the wine bottles. To make things a little easier, we’ve created an assembly guide which can be found on this page under the downloads section.

  • What’s the difference between Kraft and White Clay Coated stock?

    Kraft stock is what you think of when you think of a cardboard box. It is a classic brown box that works well with darker prints and minimalistic designs. White Clay Coated stock is a white coated cardboard stock, allowing your print to come to life with colour! The White Clay Coated stock is the most common option due to the vibrancy of the print, and has a semi- gloss finish on the outside of the box with a matte finish on the inside of the box.

  • What’s the difference between E Flute and B Flute stock?

    The main difference between the E Flute and B Flute is the number of flutes per square meter which determines the strength of the box. E Flute has more flutes per square meter and is thinner in size, whereas the B Flute has less flutes and is thicker in size, making it able to hold more weight than the E Flute stock.

  • What is the difference between our Shipping Boxes and Wine Boxes?

    All of our boxes are available in both Kraft and White Clay Coated corrugated cardboard stock; the main difference between these products is the shape.

    Our Shipping Boxes are made using our B Flute material for extra strength and are best suited for packing large items or larger quantities of items. These don’t come with inserts so extra packaging eg bubblewrap or packing peanuts should be considered! Our Shipping boxes come pre-glued along the sides so you only need to add tape along the bottom seam before adding your products.

    Our Wine Boxes are a combination of our Mailer Boxes and Shipping Boxes and were created specifically for - you guessed it - wine! The Wine Boxes come with easy to assemble inserts to ensure your wine bottles fit perfectly.

  • Can I get white ink on my Kraft Boxes?

    We do not print white, so we won’t be able to add white ink to your Kraft boxes.

  • How accurate will the colour be on the Kraft material?

    We are printing directly onto the natural brown cardboard material meaning your colour will look a little different than if it was printed on the White Clay Coated Stock. Lighter colours will appear almost transparent because the natural colour of the cardboard will show through.

  • Are the Boxes waterproof?

    No, these boxes are made from a cardboard stock which means they are not waterproof.

  • What are the dimensions of the boxes?

    ​The dimensions of the assembled boxes are as follows:

    Shipping Boxes

    • 1 Wine Bottle Box: 90mm W x 90mm D x 335mm H
    • 2 Wine Bottle Box: 180mm W x 90mm D x 335mm H
    • 4 Wine Bottle Box: 180mm W x 180mm D x 335mm H
    • 6 Wine Bottle Box: 270mm W x 180mm D x 335mm H
    • 9 Wine Bottle Box: 270mm W x 270mm D x 335mm H
    • 12 Wine Bottle Box: 360mm W x 270mm D x 335mm H

    Mailer Boxes

    • 1 Wine Bottle Box: 86mm W x 342mm D x 90mm H
    • 2 Wine Bottle Box: 180mm W x 342mm D x 90mm H
    • 3 Wine Bottle Box: 290mm W x 342mm D x 90mm H
    • 4 Wine Bottle Box: 375mm W x 342mm D x 90mm H
  • Is the handle strong enough to hold the Wine Mailer Boxes when they are full?

    Yes they are! If you choose to get a handle with your 3 and 4 bottle Wine Mailer Boxes, you will be able to use it to carry around your box even when it is full.​

  • Which Wine Boxes come with a handle?

    ​We offer an optional handle for our 3 and 4 bottle Wine Mailer Boxes only. You are still able to order these sizes without the handle if preferred.

  • Do you offer any printing embellishments?

    ​No we don’t. We print directly onto the material using our HP Latex ink, and don’t offer any additional embellishments such as spot UV coating, foiling, embossing, or metallic prints.

  • How long will it take to produce my order for Wine Boxes?

    We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof approval:

    < $701 inc GST - 24 hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
    < $1501 inc GST - 48 hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off
    < $3301 inc GST - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off
    < $5501 inc GST - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off

  • I have multiple designs, are there extra setup fees?

    Yes, our price includes the set up cost for 1 design only. If you have multiple designs for the same size you will still get the lower bulk price, however there is a small multiple artwork charge applied for each additional design to cover our extra set up costs. Simply enter the total number of signs required and then the total number of designs into the pricing calculator above - and it will work out an accurate price for you.

State of the Art Printing Technology

State of the Art Printing Technology

Our Italian-made, state of the art Durst P5 printers are at the cutting edge of world printing technology, rated amongst the fastest in the world, providing outstanding print quality at lightning-fast printing speeds!

Lowest price and highest print quality don’t usually go hand in hand - however, the Durst printer’s super fast printing speeds have allowed us to reduce our printing costs and printing times, and pass the savings and reduced turnaround times onto you!

Printing on Australia’s first HP Latex R2000 flatbed printer

​Easy Signs has installed the first HP Latex R2000 flatbed printer in the Southern Hemisphere.

The R2000 flatbed printer is a 6 colour flatbed printer which provides more vibrant colours and sharper print quality than conventional flatbed printers. Using the latest Latex printing process with water based inks, it provides glossier prints with greater scratch resistance and no UV smell!

This product has been chosen to be printed on this new technology printer - and we are sure you will love the high quality product we supply.

Dual Head Cutting

Dual Head Cutting

Our Zund Dual Head digital flatbed cutters cut and crease all of our mailer and shipping boxes to precision, ensuring that your boxes are produced to the exact size required. Its speed and accuracy allow us to make certain the interlocking tabs are flawlessly cut and your edges are trimmed to perfection for easy assembly of the boxes.

The Dual Head cutting technology enables us to produce your boxes in super fast, industry-leading times meaning you can pack your products into the precision cut boxes and get orders out the door in a flash!

Kraft vs White Clay Coated Cardboard Stock

Kraft vs White Clay Coated Cardboard Stock

Unsure which stock option you should select, here’s a rundown in less than 60 words!

Kraft stock is your classic brown box. We recommend using darker colours to allow your print to stand out and display your brand effectively.

White Clay Coated stock is a blank canvas to allow your creativity to shine and your colours to pop. With a semi-glossy finish, it’s a perfect surface for us to print anything on.

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Wine Boxes
Wine Boxes
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