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1 x Window Graphic - Short Term 2yr Vinyl for Outside of Window (No Lamination) (2000mm W x 1000mm H)

$ 99.00  inc GST

1 x Window Graphic - Premium 5yr Vinyl for Inside of Window (2000mm W x 1000mm H)

$ 165.00  inc GST


About our Window Graphics

Do you have a window or two, but would prefer to keep the eyes of passersby on what you’re promoting, and not on you? Time to lay up some sleek Window Graphics, and help your customers keep their eyes on the prize!

Our Window Graphics are printed in full colour on your choice of material and can be supplied in your exact measurements or with an extra 20mm bleed to make installation a breeze!

They are the perfect solution for those wanting to bring life to their business, whilst keeping prying eyes out!

  • High resolution, full colour digital print using environmentally friendly latex inks
  • Creates privacy for your business while promoting your brand
  • Brings life to your shop front
  • Supplied in square or rectangular shape
  • Choice of 2 or 5 year Vinyl to suit all applications
  • Lamination added to your premium Window Graphic to enhance the print and extend the lifespan
  • Reverse printed graphics allow you to install them on the inside of your window to protect your design.
  • The maximum width of a single piece of vinyl will be 1300mm (the maximum height is 10,000mm)
  • Larger sizes are supplied with drops of up to 1200mm wide

Please note that we do not supply window graphics with a clear background. Our window graphics are printed in full digital colour and will have either a white or coloured background

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** The fixed shipping price is based on delivering your entire order to one location.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the 2 year and 5 year vinyl?

    Both types of vinyl have exactly the same high print quality. The 5 year vinyl is a polymeric vinyl which is available for application to the inside of windows and also for application to the outside of windows with a gloss or matt lamination (which provide extra protection from UV and damage). It is suitable for more permanent signage. The 2 year vinyl has been added to our range to provide a much lower cost product for shorter term use such as store promotions or real estate sales. It is a monomeric vinyl which has a shorter life span and a slightly higher shrinkage rate than the polymeric vinyl.

  • How long will my Window Graphic order take to produce?

    We can produce your order in as little as 24 hours after artwork proof sign off:

    < $1101 inc GST - 24 Hours (1 working day) after artwork proof sign off
    < $2751 inc GST - 48 Hours (2 working days) after artwork proof sign off
    < $8801 inc GST - 3 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit if over $3300 inc GST
    < $16,501 inc GST - 4 working days after artwork proof sign off and receipt of 30% deposit

  • What ‘Production Size’ do I choose?

    If you are installing your graphics over an entire area from edge to edge you are best to select ‘finished with an extra 20mm bleed on top, bottom & RHS’, this allows you to align the graphics to the left, and then trim back on the top, bottom and right hand side to ensure complete coverage.

    If you are not covering from edge to edge of an area you should select ‘Your exact measurements’

    If you are unsure, please contact our sales team for further help.

  • How do I determine if I should put it on the inside or the outside of the window?

    We recommend that the window graphics are installed on the inside of the window where possible - to avoid the possibility of them being vandalised. However you should not install on the inside of the window if the window is tinted. In this case the graphics should be applied to the outside of the window. You should also be aware that the shade of the glass (which usually has a level of green tint) will have some impact on the colour when viewed from the outside.

  • Can you supply the window graphics with a clear background?

    Our window graphics are printed in full digital colour and will have either a white or coloured background. We do not supply window graphics with a clear background

  • How large can my Window Graphics be in one piece?

    We can produce Window Graphics up to a maximum 1300mm width and 10,000mm height. So if your window height and width are both greater than 1300mm there will be a join. We will add a 5mm overlap for joins.

  • Why do you supply larger sizes with drops up to 1200mm wide?

    We split larger sizes of vinyl into drops of no more than 1200mm to make it easier for installation. Installers of window and wall vinyls usually request that the material be supplied in vertical drops (instead of splitting horizontally).

  • How accurate will the size of my sticker be?

    Due to the nature of the vinyl material and the heat produced during our Latex printing process, the final sticker size can vary up to 1% larger from what is ordered.

  • How can I install the signage?

    Easy Signs is a signage manufacturer and do not install any signage - however a lot of our signage is quite easy to install yourself. We recommend that you search for instructional videos on YouTube that show you how to install the signage yourself. If you can install it yourself you will save a lot of money! After watching the videos, if you do not feel confident enough to install the signage yourself, we suggest that you look for a handyman or sign installer on which can provide you with very cost effective installation.


Product Reviews

HP Latex 3200 printers provide the highest quality full colour prints!

HP Latex 3200 printers provide the highest quality full colour prints!

Our HP Latex 3200 printers are at the cutting edge of world printing technology and provide exceptionally high print quality with super fast printing speeds.

These high tech printers allow us to provide our customers with signage that is printed in full digital colour with the most amazing print quality. The HP Latex 3200 printers also provide print that is environmentally friendly, has no solvent smell, and has much higher scratch resistance.

Lowest price, highest print quality and fastest production time! These do not usually go hand in hand - but these high speed HP Latex 3200 printers have also allowed us to reduce our printing costs and pass the savings onto our customers through lower prices.

Perfect colours every time!

Perfect colours every time!

Our colour management system ensures that all of our printers print the correct colour every time.

As part of our colour management system, we have profiled all of our printers and materials to print to the ISO12647 colour standard. We also implement weekly colour checks on all printers to ensure the accuracy of the colours we are printing for our customers.

This makes sure that your colours are printed perfectly - for every order.

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Window Graphics
Window Graphics
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